Wolf & Maiden

Product Design

Wolf and Maiden is a luxury leather goods maker in Cape Town, South Africa. All products are hand-stained and -stitched, only using the finest vegetable tanned Saddle Leather. Their vision is to create items that are not only beautiful and functional but tell a story.

"When the bag is handed over to the next generation, the forebear’s legacy is there to be relived and even recreated.” – Wade Ross

The Storyteller App

The Wolf & Maiden Storyteller App captures moments and memories and weaves them into a flowing narrative for future generations. The App works in correspondence with a NFC chip embedded in the bag.

Once authenticated in the Storyteller App, the bag will have the capacity to capture memories across time, giving it a voice to carry its stories through the generations and so much more.

I was tasked to rework the usability as well as the interface of the application in preparation for the upcoming kickstarter campaign. The UI needed to reflect the Storyteller brand positioning, as well as adjustments to create a more cohesive and balanced look and feel.

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Coded withby Kevin Förster